Compression Ratio Calculator 2.3

Compression Ratio Calculator 2.3

Computer Program to Calculate Compression Ratio, Boring, Stroking
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Computer Program to Calculate Compression Ratio, Boring, Stroking and Other Common Engine Building Dimensions.
Compression Ratio Calculator is probably the most detailed compression ratio calculator program available.
Main features:
-Calculating compression ratio, cylinder volume, and engine displacement from a variety of different inputs.
-Finding which input value (chamber CCs, Deck Ht Clearance, etc) will produce a desired C.R.
-Determining the % contribution of various dimensions on the overall compression ratio.
-Calculating Bore/Stroke and Rod/Stroke Ratios.
-Calculating boring and/or stroking effects.
-Determining required bore or stroke for a desired displacement.
-Calculating cranking compression pressure and dynamic compression ratio.
-Saving and printing specs.
-Using English or Metric units.
-Determining piston dome or dish volume.
-Enter Head Gasket volume as Bore and Thickness, or Volume CCs directly.
-Determining any of the following: rod length, deck height, deck height clearance, piston compression height, or stroke based on you specifying the other 4.

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mohd zariff
Very simple to use.

Jan 28, 2022 Was it helpful?  yes(0) no(0) | Reply